The Bowtop Twagon combines the practicality of modern design and construction technique with the stylish head turning appearance of the traditional horse drawn wagon.

The Bowtop body is mounted on a purpose made galvanised chassis, which is fitted with knott and alko axles and coupling. Working closely with a specialised trailer company means that the chassis is perfectly suited to its use.

The Twagon is a Towable Wagon
Bowtop Twagon Rear End

Upon the chassis we then fit the floor beams and a plywood sub-floor, which is then painted in an aluminium primer to give it extra protection against road spray.

The pine sides and marine ply front and back walls are bolted to the base. They are insulated with 25mm celotex insulation and internally clad in Tgv which is then painted. The roof structure is made from steam bent ash bows which are held in place by redwood rafters.

Upon this framework we tension decorative cotton fabric of your choosing. Onto the fabric we lay a 54ox natural insulation material. We then cover the whole roof in a waterproof breathable membrane. Finally we attach the external cover which can be either a traditional stitched canvas or a heat stitched vinyl version the choice is yours!

After taking so much time hand carving the exterior wood work of the Bowtop body, it would be silly not to make sure we give it the best protection possible.

So to ensure this we use a three step international paint system.

Bowtop - Enter the Twagon