The Bowtop model is based on the proportions and structure of the horse drawn Bowtop Caravan used in the late 19th century by travelling folk in Britain. From about the 1850’s onwards caravans pulled by horses were used by itinerate farm workers. There were many different designs of which the most popular was the Bowtop as it combined elegance with lightness and durability.

Our Bowtop Twagons come fully chamfered as per tradition. They come fully insulated, marine plywood is used for the external front and back walls. The handcrafted body is constructed on a purpose made galvanised steel chassis built by a specialist trailer manufacturer.

We at Wildwood Design are passionate about traditional architectural features yet we integrate contemporary materials and techniques into our construction methods.

The Bowtop Twagon is available with a body length of either 3.8, 4.4 or 5.5m and can be produced in 2 or 2.5m width. The internal design, layout and decor can be tailored for each customers needs and requirements.

The Bowtop comes with a number of features as standard

– Fully Insulated

– Rear Bay Window

– External Storage Area

– Solid Oak Doors, Windows, Floor and Porch

– Spare Wheel

– Vinyl or Canvas Cover

– Choice of Colour and Fabric Lining

– Two 12v Lights

– Interior Woodwork Finished With Danish Oil