Burton Restoration

I met the owner Jill at the Bath & West show. She had been unable to find anyone qualified to undertake the restoration of her Burton Wagon. Shortly after the show I visited Jill at her home to see what was necessary to restore the Burton back to its former glory. After a few visits and numerous cups of tea we settled on a plan of what needed doing.

I brought the Burton back to the workshop and gave the timbers a chance to dry out before work began. It was a fairly complicated job because most of the affected timber was along the bottom of the wagon. The type of tongue in groove cladding was no longer manufactured so we had to make it ourselves.

It was a great project for us as it is such a fantastic wagon and a real piece of history – it was a real pleasure to restore and satisfying to see it back to its best with a fresh coat of paint.

Lisa’s Trolley

Lisa contacted us through the website and asked if we could build her a new trolley. She had an existing one but the woodwork was completely rotten. However the metalwork – springs, wheels, lock rings etc were good to use.

After several consultations we agreed on a new design which would best suit her need. Once we’d got the trolley to the workshop the first job was to strip the rotten wood from the good metal work. We then stripped away all the rust and old paint and painted the metal with red-oxide and then Aluminium primer.

We then moved on to making the ash unders (chassis) and the axle casing. When all these components were completed we then bolted them together from the axles up until it was ready to fit the pine bed.
Lisa is an artist so she only wanted the completed trolley painted with a primer so she could do the rest of the paintwork herself.