Showmans Caravan by Kate Milburn

The Showmans Twagon is built on a custom made galvanised chassis which is wider than that of the Bowtop model.

It is based on the classic design of the 1940’s Showmans caravan and includes a molly croft roof, bay window and stable door.

A plywood sub-floor is bolted to the chassis and the underside is painted with aluminum primer for added protection from road spray. We then construct a redwood framework which is bolted to the sub-floor.

The framework is then wrapped in a breathable waterproof membrane and the marine plywood exterior walls are screwed over the top. The mollycroft roof structure is also wrapped in the membrane and then clad in plywood. We use a IKOpro acrylic roof system to seal the whole structure from the elements.

All the internal cavities are insulated using 30mm celotex. The interior walls are clad in a mixture of plywood and tgv, then painted.

A solid oak floor is laid and finished with danish oil as is all exposed interior woodwork. This gives a beneficial and easy to manage finish to the beautiful interior. The exterior woodwork of the showmans is painted using a 3 step international paint system.