The Showmans Twagon is based on the original design and proportions of a traditional 1940 Showmans caravan. However it  does not need a massive truck to pull it, thanks to the use of contemporary materials in its construction and smaller size.

Showmans wagons were developed out of the need for moveable housing for the entertainers and workers in the fairs and circuses that traveled Britain in the late 1800’s to the present day. The first Showmans wagons were horse drawn and were typically of either a Reading or Burton design. The arrival of steam and then the combustion engine meant that horses became redundant. This increase in pulling power allowed for heavier and longer wagons. However, they kept many of the features of the earlier Reading and Burton designs.

Tradition is important to us at Wildwood Design therefore we have kept the central design feature of this beautiful caravan – the Mollycroft roof. The Mollycroft is integral to the design and is functional, as well as aesthetic, allowing for generous natural light levels. By incorporating  a traditional rear bay window, side window and stable door there are fantastic views to be had from wherever you decide to situate your Showmans Twagon.

The Shwomans Twagon is available with a body length of either 3.7, 4.3 or 5.5m. The internal design, layout and decor can be tailored for each customers needs and requirements.

Both the Bowtop and the Showmans Twagon are fully insulated for all year use.

The Showmans comes with a number of features as standard

– Fully Insulated

– Rear Bay Window

– External Front Storage Area

– Solid Oak Doors, Windows and Floor

– Mollycroft Roof

– Three Side Windows.

– Interior & Exterior Colours of Your Choice

– Two 12v Lights

– Spare Wheel