Pascoe's Bowtop Twagon

Hi Chris,
Just want to thank you very very much for my wonderful, amazing super duper Twagon. I have now spent a few nights in it, though nearly cooked myself last night with the wood burner, a very efficient little stove. It needs to be closed down around 8pm to be cool enough to sleep comfortably.

Jill Strawbridge

Pascoe's Bowtop Twagon

Wow! We are really happy with our Twagon! The craftmanship of the construction, functional and decorative detail is amazing……We also wanted to mention your service, which was brilliant from start to finish.

David Charlett

We are extremely happy and would like to thank you again for all your support during the build, photo’s updates etc. We are so very happy with what you have done and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

Peter & Beverley

Jill by her Bowtop Twagon

After many years of owning an old VW campervan, my wife and I reluctantly felt we needed a change for something that was more reliable and that didn’t need re-packing every time we wanted nip out for the day. We couldn’t stomach the idea of a white caravan or trailer tent, and thought something unique, beautiful and very much our own was the way to go.
We saw a bow top wagon about a year ago and fell in love with the idea, but didn’t know who we could afford one. Having considered the very limited options in this market, we discovered the Twagon by wildwood-design, and were immediately convinced that Chris Ward (owner and manufacturer) was the best person to make what we were after.

Pascoe Needle

Bowtop at the show.