The Twagon is our product name for the towable wagons we produce. They are traditional wagons, mounted on a caravan chassis,  which can be towed by a car.

We currently produce two ranges of Twagon – the Bowtop and the Showmans. All our chassis are manufactured by a specialist trailer manufacturer using knott and alko parts.

Twagons combine the luxury and practicality of modern design yet incorporate the timeless defining features of traditional vehicles. These beautifully hand crafted products are as attractive as they are versatile. Your Twagon can be towed legally on the road for family holidays or a weekend visit to friends. Alternatively it can become a beautiful self contained fun place for guests to stay when visiting your home. Be careful……..they may not want to leave!

These carefully crafted objects are a standout product in the all too sterile world of caravan design! It just takes a company like Wildwood-Design with it’s passion and vitality to create these unique head turning vehicles.

A Bowtop Twagon in the field, ready to be hitched up